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April Longley Alley

Senior Analyst, Arabian Peninsula
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

April Alley Longley

April Longley Alley has conducted fieldwork in Yemen since 2004. Based in Dubai, she works with other members of the Middle East program to research and produce reports on security, conflict, political, governance, human rights and social issues related to the Arabian Peninsula with a particular focus on Yemen.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Comparative politics of the Middle East
  • Yemen

Professional background:

  • M.A. in Arab studies and a Ph.D. in government from Georgetown University
  • Former Fulbright fellow.

Select Publications:

Dr. Alley has written extensively on Yemen for a variety of publications including Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, PS: Political Science and Politics, The Middle East Journal, the Journal of Democracy, and The National.


  • English (native)
  • Arabic


Please submit all media inquiries to or call +32 (0) 2 536 00 71