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It’s Time to Invest in Peace

Brussels  |   10 May 2016


REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As I write this message, Crisis Group experts are working to address urgent challenges ranging from escalating hostilities in Syria to the complex peace process in Colombia to the formation of a transitional government of national unity to calm violence in South Sudan. Our field-centred analysis and advocacy are influencing key players in each of these major conflict-prevention efforts.

I ask you to consider making a donation to Crisis Group today, as we approach the end of our fiscal year on 30 June. We need your support now with the demand for our work growing alongside the terrible trend toward more wars, more civilians killed, and more people displaced worldwide.

This spring, Crisis Group’s Board of Trustees issued a powerful statement calling for more concerted international action to resolve the conflicts driving today’s refugee crisis. The Syrian war alone has uprooted more than 12 million people, raising the global number of refugees and internally displaced to 60 million, the largest figure ever recorded. More than half the world’s refugees come from just three conflict-ravaged countries – Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. Crisis Group is rallying the international community to tackle the root causes of these and other conflicts, and to take early action to prevent yet more war and chaos.

Your donation will enable us to continue providing the in-depth, nuanced research and analysis that policymakers need to make intelligent decisions in a complex world.

Thank you for all that you do to help stop the spread of deadly conflict. Your generosity is an investment in a more peaceful, secure future.


With best wishes and deepest thanks,

Jean-Marie Guéhenno

President and CEO
International Crisis Group

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