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North Korea: The Risks of War in the Yellow Sea,  Asia Report N°198   |  23 Dec 2010

The sinking of a South Korean naval vessel and artillery attack against a South Korean island highlight that stability on the peninsula is threatened by more than the nuclear issue. A resumption of talks to address maritime delimitation and confidence-building measures – within the context of recalibrated deterrence – are needed to avoid further deterioration towards conflict.


Northern Nigeria: Background to Conflict,  Africa Report N°168   |  20 Dec 2010

Nigeria’s far north is not the hot bed of Islamic extremists some in the West fear, but it needs reinforced community-level peacebuilding, a more subtle security response, and improved management of public resources lest lingering tensions lead to new violence.

Dangerous Little Stones: Diamonds in the Central African Republic,  Africa Report N°167   |  16 Dec 2010

Extreme poverty and armed conflict in the diamond-rich areas of the Central African Republic (CAR) put thousands of lives in danger and demand urgent reform of the mining sector.

Timor-Leste: Time for the UN to Step Back,  Asia Briefing N°116   |  15 Dec 2010

The size of the policing contingent of the UN Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) should be sharply reduced to prepare for the peace operation’s eventual end and encourage the country to assume full responsibility for ensuring its own security and future stability.

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Georgia: Securing a Stable Future,  Europe Briefing N°58   |  13 Dec 2010

Georgia has maintained political and economic stability despite the shock of the 2008 war with Russia, but the government needs to use the two years before the next elections to create public trust in democratic institutions by engaging in meaningful dialogue with the opposition over further reforms.

Cyprus: Bridging the Property Divide,  Europe Report N°210   |  9 Dec 2010

Stability in the Eastern Mediterranean will remain hostage to full settlement of the Cyprus dispute, but the property issue – one of its most intractable knots – can be solved now if Greek and Turkish Cypriots compromise on new proposals currently before them.

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Indonesia: Preventing Violence in Local Elections,  Asia Report N°197   |  8 Dec 2010

The government of Indonesia needs to strengthen the management of local elections in order to minimise the risk of violence.

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Reforming Pakistan’s Criminal Justice System,  Asia Report N°196   |  6 Dec 2010

Pakistan’s dysfunctional criminal justice system poses serious risks for domestic, regional and international security; the federal and provincial governments must make its reform a top priority.

Trial by Fire: The Politics of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon,  Middle East Report N°100   |  2 Dec 2010

An intra-Lebanese deal on how to respond to forthcoming indictments by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) is necessary to avoid a breakdown of the country’s precarious balance of power, even as the STL pursues its work.


Afghanistan: Exit vs Engagement,  Asia Briefing N°115   |  28 Nov 2010

U.S. plans to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan by 2014 would lead to a collapse of the government in Kabul and serious security risks for the region.

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