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Iraq: Building a New Security Structure,  Middle East Report N°20   |  23 Dec 2003

For the foreseeable future, Iraq’s security will be in the hands of Coalition forces. As a result, how the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) chose to deal with the country’s former military and how it is now going about starting up a new army may not have immediate security implications.

Is Radical Islam Inevitable in Central Asia? Priorities for Engagement,  Asia Report N°72   |  22 Dec 2003

The terrorist acts in the United States on 11 September 2001 have prompted an ongoing discussion of how international engagement, in all its aspects, can undermine Islamist radicalism and promote religious tolerance.


Guinea: Uncertainties at the End of an Era,  Africa Report N°74   |  19 Dec 2003

Rumours about the president’s health and the prospective early end of his time in office have placed Guinea in a state of alarming uncertainty. Its government and its political elite must now work closely with the international community in order to stabilise the country in the mid-term if it is not to risk the same fate as its West African neighbours and drift into civil war.

Indonesia Backgrounder: A Guide to the 2004 Elections,  Asia Report N°71   |  18 Dec 2003

Indonesia faces at least two and probably three national elections in 2004, including a presidential vote, but they are unlikely to bring fundamental change.

Afghanistan: The Constitutional Loya Jirga,  Asia Briefing N°29   |  12 Dec 2003

When delegates to Afghanistan’s Constitutional Loya Jirga assemble in Kabul on 13 December 2003, they will begin debating and ultimately deciding upon a draft document that is intended to establish a strong presidency while accommodating the other dominant figures at the country’s centre.

Sudan: Towards an Incomplete Peace,  Africa Report N°73   |  11 Dec 2003

With the signing on 25 September 2003 of a framework agreement on security arrangements, the Sudanese government and the insurgent Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLA) are closer to peace than at any time in the past twenty years.

Southern Serbia's Fragile Peace,  Europe Report N°152   |  9 Dec 2003

The Albanian-majority Presevo Valley in southern Serbia is one of the few conflict resolution success stories in the former Yugoslavia. Yet tensions linger, and a series of violent incidents in August and September 2003 demonstrated that the peace can still unravel.

U.S. Leaders Support New Israel-Palestine Peace Initiatives,  Geneva Initiative   |  8 Dec 2003

On the occasion of the signing on 1 December 2003 of the “Geneva Initiative” – a blueprint for peace negotiated by teams of Israelis and Palestinians led by former ministers Yossi Beilin and Yasser Abed Rabbo – we express our strong support both for this and the “People’s Voice” petition initiated by Ami Ayalon and Sari Nusseibeh.

Kashmir: The View from New Delhi,  Asia Report N°69   |  4 Dec 2003

For half a century Kashmir has been the major issue of contention between India and Pakistan.

Kashmir: Learning from the Past,  Asia Report N°70   |  4 Dec 2003

While its roots predate Indian and Pakistani independence, the Kashmir conflict’s current directions can best be understood in the light of the nationalism and state building that followed the end of British colonial rule.

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