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Reports & Briefings

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Somalia: Puntland’s Punted Polls,  Africa Briefing N°97   |  19 Dec 2013

Puntland’s presidential election, scheduled for January, threatens to exacerbate clan tensions and polarise the population. To keep the regional state on the path of democratisation, deep investment from local, national and international actors will be crucial. 

Not a Rubber Stamp: Myanmar’s Legislature in a Time of Transition,  Asia Briefing N°142   |  13 Dec 2013

Although Myanmar’s nascent legislature has proved more vibrant and influential than many expected, serious individual and institutional capacity constraints are impeding the effective, efficient lawmaking necessary for the country’s full democratic transition. 中文

Fire on the City Gate: Why China Keeps North Korea Close,  Asia Report N°254   |  9 Dec 2013

North Korea’s belligerent behaviour is testing the patience of China, its principal backer, but a consequential Chinese policy change, which the U.S. and its allies hope for, is not likely soon. 中文

Central African Republic: Better Late than Never,  Africa Briefing N°96   |  2 Dec 2013

As the Central African Republic (CAR) stares into an abyss of potentially appalling proportions, the international community must focus on the quickest, most decisive means of restoring security to its population.

Tunisia’s Borders: Jihadism and Contraband,  Middle East and North Africa Report N°148   |  28 Nov 2013

Unless the permeability of the country’s borders is addressed, cross-border trafficking will increase jihadis’ disruptive potential and intensify the corruption of border authorities.

Sudan: Preserving Peace in the East,  Africa Report N°209   |  26 Nov 2013

Unless the marginalisation of Sudan’s East is addressed, renewed war and further fragmentation of the country is a growing possibility.


Leap of Faith: Israel’s National Religious and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,  Middle East Report N°147   |  21 Nov 2013

For peace talks to produce an agreement enjoying maximum legitimacy, Israel’s national-religious community should be engaged lest it obstruct the path to peace. עברית

Sri Lanka’s Potemkin Peace: Democracy Under Fire,  Asia Report N°253   |  13 Nov 2013

Despite recent moves meant to show progress towards post-war reconciliation and respect for human rights, Sri Lanka’s government has not altered the authoritarian direction of its policies, and the rights and security of all communities remain under threat.

Anything But Politics: The State of Syria’s Political Opposition,  Middle East Report N°146   |  17 Oct 2013

Often derided for its infighting or dismissed as irrelevant, Syria’s political opposition reflects the contradictions and conflicting geopolitical interests upon which it was founded. 中文

Women and Conflict in Afghanistan,  Asia Report N°252   |  14 Oct 2013

Women are increasingly exposed to violence and exclusion from the public sphere as Afghanistan nears the 2014 security transition and conservative forces gain momentum.

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