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Somalia: To Move Beyond the Failed State,  Africa Report N°147   |  23 Dec 2008

Since 1991 Somalia has been the archetypal failed state. Several attempts to create a transitional set-up have failed, and the current one is on the brink of collapse, overtaken yet again by an Islamist insurgency, despite the support of an Ethiopian military intervention since December 2006. Over the last two years the situation has deteriorated into one of the world’s worst humanitarian and security crises.

Policing in Afghanistan: Still Searching for a Strategy,  Asia Briefing N°85   |  18 Dec 2008

Police reform in Afghanistan is receiving more attention and resources than ever before, but such increased efforts are still yet to be matched by significant improvements in police effectiveness and public confidence.


Palestine Divided,  Middle East Briefing N°25   |  17 Dec 2008

The current reconciliation process between the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) is a continuation of their struggle through other means.

Ending Zimbabwe's Nightmare: A Possible Way Forward,  Africa Briefing N°56   |  16 Dec 2008

The inter-party negotiations that have sought to end Zimbabwe’s political, economic and now full-blown humanitarian crisis following the fraudulent June 2008 presidential election run-off are hopelessly deadlocked.

Turkey and Europe: The Decisive Year Ahead,  Europe Report N°197   |  15 Dec 2008

Turkey is entering a critical year, in which its prospects for European Union (EU) membership are at make or break stage.


Bangladesh: Elections and Beyond,  Asia Briefing N°84   |  11 Dec 2008

Bangladesh’s 29 December 2008 general election is expected to end a two year military-enforced state of emergency and return the country to democratic governance.

Northern Uganda: The Road to Peace, with or without Kony,  Africa Report N°146   |  10 Dec 2008

The Juba peace process, intended to bring closure to the northern Uganda conflict and disarm Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), is failing. On 29 November, Kony failed again to appear at the Ri-Kwangba assembly point to sign the Final Peace Agreement (FPA).

Central African Republic: Untangling the Political Dialogue,  Africa Briefing N°55   |  9 Dec 2008

Since the coup d’etat that brought President François Bozizé to power on 15 March 2003, the risk of renewed wider violence in the Central African Republic (CAR) has never been greater than today. The opening of an inclusive political dialogue on 8 December – initially planned for June 2008 – has continued to be negotiated inch by inch, but both the regime and the main opposition forces see armed conflict as the ultimate way out of the crisis and are making preparations to return to it.

Georgia: The Risks of Winter,  Europe Briefing N°51   |  26 Nov 2008

The situation in and around Georgia’s conflict areas remains unstable. Violent incidents are continuing. Shots were fired near a convoy carrying the Georgian and Polish presidents on 23 November. European Union (EU) monitors are being denied access to South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Unambitious multi-party negotiations focusing on security and internally displaced person (IDP) return have gotten off to a slow start in Geneva. For the moment, however, domestic politics are the capital’s main preoccupation.

Turkey and Iraqi Kurds: Conflict or Cooperation?,  Middle East Report N°81   |  13 Nov 2008

At a time when rising Arab-Kurdish tensions again threaten Iraq’s stability, neighbouring Turkey has begun to cast a large shadow over Iraqi Kurdistan.

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