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Ethiopia and Eritrea: Preventing War,  Africa Report N°101   |  22 Dec 2005

The fragile peace maintained by Ethiopia and Eritrea since they signed a comprehensive agreement at Algiers in December 2000 is fraying dangerously. With a costly two-year war now followed by nearly five years of stalemate, patience on both sides of the border has worn thin, and there are worrying signs that the countdown to renewed conflict may have begun.

Philippines Terrorism: The Role of Militant Islamic Converts,  Asia Report Nº110   |  19 Dec 2005

Terrorist alliances in the Philippines are in flux in a way that could affect the peace process between the Arroyo government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

Kyrgyzstan: A Faltering State,  Asia Report N°109   |  16 Dec 2005

Kyrgyzstan’s post-revolution government lurches from crisis to crisis in the face of worsening political violence, prison revolts, serious property disputes and popular disillusion.


North East Asia’s Undercurrents of Conflict,  Asia Report N°108   |  15 Dec 2005

Shifting power relations in North East Asia are spurring rising nationalism in China, Japan and South Korea, aggravating long-standing disputes over territorial claims and differing interpretations of history.

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Aceh: So Far, So Good,  Asia Briefing N°44   |  13 Dec 2005

The Aceh peace process is working beyond all expectations. Guerrillas of the Free Aceh Movement (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka, GAM) have turned in the required number of weapons.

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Somalia’s Islamists,  Africa Report N°100   |  12 Dec 2005

Somalia’s long civil conflict and lack of central governing institutions present an international security challenge. Terrorists have taken advantage of the state’s collapse to attack neighbouring countries and transit agents and materiel.

Bolivia at the Crossroads: The December Elections,  Latin America Report N°15   |  8 Dec 2005

Bolivia is on the verge of national and social disintegration.

Montenegro's Independence Drive,  Europe Report N°169   |  7 Dec 2005

Montenegrins are more likely than not to vote in April 2006 to break away from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. It is time for the European Union, whose diplomacy in 2001-2002 created the manifestly dysfunctional confederation, to make clear that it will accept whatever decision Montenegro’s citizens make, and encourage those opposing independence to participate peacefully in the referendum process.

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Lebanon: Managing the Gathering Storm,  Middle East Report N°48   |  5 Dec 2005

The shocks Lebanon has experienced in recent months might destabilise even a sturdy country, let alone one polarised along political and sectarian lines. That it has held together is in large part due to memories of the recent civil war.

Rebuilding the Afghan State: The European Union’s Role,  Asia Report N°107   |  30 Nov 2005

Since the Taliban’s fall in 2001, the European Union (EU) has been a major contributor to Afghanistan. A substantial European Commission (EC) delegation oversees an annual budget of some €200 million in development aid, and a Special Representative (EUSR) is in residence.

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