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South Korea’s Election: What to Expect from President Lee,  Asia Briefing N°73   |  21 Dec 2007

On 19 December 2007, South Koreans elected Lee Myung-bak as their president.

Inside Gaza: The Challenge of Clans and Families,  Middle East Report N°71   |  20 Dec 2007

Throughout Gaza’s history, its powerful clans and families have played a part whose importance has fluctuated with the nature of central authority but never disappeared.

Georgia: Sliding towards Authoritarianism?,  Europe Report N°189   |  19 Dec 2007

The government’s repressive and disproportionate response to peaceful protests in November 2007 shocked Western capitals, which had viewed Georgia as a beacon of democracy in a region of illiberal regimes. Since the Rose Revolution, however, President Mikheil Saakashvili’s administration has become increasingly intolerant of dissent as it has sought to reform inefficient post-Soviet institutions, stimulate a deeply dysfunctional economy, regain the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and deal with its meddling Russian neighbour.


Nepal: Peace Postponed,  Asia Briefing N°72   |  18 Dec 2007

Nepal’s progress toward lasting peace is seriously but not yet irreparably faltering.


Peacebuilding in Haiti: Including Haitians from Abroad,  Latin America/Caribbean Report N°24   |  14 Dec 2007

The UN mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) will not stay forever and, in any case, cannot be made responsible for solving Haiti’s manifold and deep-seated problems.

Central African Republic: Anatomy of a Phantom State,  Africa Report N°136   |  13 Dec 2007

The Central African Republic (CAR) is if anything worse than a failed state: it has become virtually a phantom state, lacking any meaningful institutional capacity at least since the fall of Emperor Bokassa in 1979.

Kosovo Countdown: A Blueprint for Transition,  Europe Report N°188   |  6 Dec 2007

Kosovo’s transition to the status of conditional, or supervised, independence has been greatly complicated by Russia’s firm support of Serbia’s refusal to accept that it has lost its one-time province.


Nigeria: Ending Unrest in the Niger Delta,  Africa Report N°135   |  5 Dec 2007

The Niger Delta is again at risk of sliding into chaos. The 29 May 2007 inauguration of new federal and state governments offered an opportunity to resolve longstanding conflicts afflicting the oil-rich, deeply impoverished region.

North Korea-Russia Relations: A Strained Friendship,  Asia Briefing N°71   |  4 Dec 2007

North Korea’s relations with Russia have been marked by unrealistic expectations and frequent disappointments but common interests have prevented a rupture.


Darfur’s New Security Reality,  Africa Report N°134   |  26 Nov 2007

The Darfur conflict has changed radically in the past year and not for the better. While there are many fewer deaths than during the high period of fighting in 2003-2004, it has mutated, the parties have splintered, and the confrontations have multiplied.

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