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Burma/Myanmar: How Strong Is the Military Regime?,  Asia Report N°11   |  21 Dec 2000

This report, the first in a proposed series, is a preliminary assessment of the strengths and vulnerabilities of the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), the military regime ruling Burma/Myanmar.

Scramble for the Congo: Anatomy of an Ugly War,  Africa Report N°26   |  20 Dec 2000

The Lusaka Ceasefire Agreement, signed eighteen months ago to stop the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has proved hollow. The accord largely froze the armies in their positions, but did not stop the fighting.

Indonesia: Overcoming Murder and Chaos in Maluku,  Asia Report N°10   |  19 Dec 2000

Intercommunal violence in Indonesia’s Maluku region during the past two years has left over 5,000 people dead and displaced roughly 500,000 more.

Serbia on the Eve of the December Elections,  Europe Briefing N°17   |  19 Dec 2000

Vojislav Kostunica’s coalition, the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS), should win an overwhelming victory in the 23 December Serbian elections. The elections themselves will not rid Serbia of the structures, policies and attitudes of the Milosevic regime.

Bosnia’s November Elections: Dayton Stumbles,  Europe Report N°104   |  18 Dec 2000

Despite five years and five billion US dollars of international community investment in Bosnia, the 11 November Bosnian elections demonstrated once again that international engagement has failed to provide a sustainable basis for a functioning state, capable of surviving an international withdrawal.

Aceh: Escalating Tension,  Asia Briefing N°4   |  7 Dec 2000

Tensions in Aceh have escalated sharply in recent weeks, prompting the government in Jakarta to promise to accelerate the implementation of autonomy plans and announce a small humanitarian aid package.

Burundi: Neither War nor Peace,  Africa Report N°25   |  1 Dec 2000

After two and a half years of negotiations in Arusha, nineteen Burundian political parties finally signed a peace agreement on 28 August 2000, in the presence of U.S. President Bill Clinton and of many regional Heads of State.

Montenegro: Which Way Next?,  Europe Briefing N°16   |  30 Nov 2000

The removal of the Miloševic regime is forcing the Montenegrin government to confront the contentious issue of Montenegro's future status, whether within or outside Yugoslavia, according to ICG's Montenegro briefing "Which Way Next" (30 November 2000).

War Criminals in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska: Who are the People in Your Neighbourhood?,  Europe Report N°103   |  2 Nov 2000

Five years after the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords, which brought an end to almost four years of bloody war in Bosnia, many of those believed to have carried out some of the war’s worst atrocities remain at large.

The Algerian Crisis: Not Over Yet,  Africa Report N°24   |  20 Oct 2000

Since December 1991, Algeria has been seized by a wave of violence, which achieved, between 1992 and 1998, the status of virtual civil war. That war was fought between, on the one hand, a military-backed regime and, on the other, a complex, clandestine opposition derived from the country’s banned umbrella Islamist movement, the Front Islamique du Salut (FIS – Jabha Islamiyya li’l-Inqadh).

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