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Milosevic: Déjà Vu All Over Again?,  Europe Report N°53   |  23 Dec 1998

In the past few weeks the Belgrade authorities have sacked a number of key public officials. The two most prominent were security chief Stanisic and head of the army general staff Perisic. The firings triggered much speculation in the international media about the stability of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic’s regime.

To Build a Peace: Recommendations for the Madrid Peace Implementation Council Meeting,  Europe Report N°52   |  15 Dec 1998

Three years after the Dayton Peace Agreement (DPA) ended the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia), the country has many of the trappings usually associated with statehood such as a common flag, currency, vehicle licence plate and passport.

Change in the Offing: The Shifting Political Scene in Croatia,  Europe Report N°50   |  14 Dec 1998

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) has dominated Croatian political life since multi-party elections in April 1990 brought an end to communist rule.

Congo at War: A Briefing of the Internal and External Players in the Central African Conflict,  Africa Report N°2   |  17 Nov 1998

On 2 August 1998, barely 14 months after the end of the war initiated by the anti-Mobutu coalition, the emergence of a new armed movement announced the beginning of a further "war of liberation" in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this time against the regime of Laurent Désiré Kabila.

Sandzak: Calm for Now,  Europe Report N°48   |  9 Nov 1998

The Sandzak is an area within the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia that borders Serbia and Montenegro.

Intermediate Sovereignty As A Basis For Resolving The Kosovo Crisis,  Europe Report N°46   |  11 Sep 1998

To promote a resolution of the Kosovo crisis, the international community should propose arrangements granting the people of Kosovo the status of intermediate sovereignty.

Breaking the Logjam: Refugee Returns to Croatia,  Europe Report N°49   |  11 Sep 1998

In outline form, the elements of the various agreements suggested by ICG, based on our presence in the region and extensive consultations around it over the last few months, are as follows: As winter approaches in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia), conditions for refugee returns to that country become increasingly difficult. In neighbouring Croatia, by contrast, the weather is generally milder so that, given political will, refugees should be able to return to their homes throughout the winter months.

Cambodia’s Elections Turn Sour,  Asia Report N°3   |  10 Sep 1998

Cambodia’s electoral process re-lit the candle of democracy that had first flickered into flame with the restoration of peace in 1991, after more than two decades of strife.

1998 Elections in Macedonia,  Europe Report N°45   |  10 Sep 1998

Macedonians go to the polls on 18 October 1998 in the first of two rounds of voting to elect 120 members of the country's parliament.

Too Little Too Late: Implementation of the Sarajevo Declaration,  Europe Report N°44   |  9 Sep 1998

Sarajevo’s Bosniac authorities were given the opportunity to demonstrate their much-vaunted commitment to multi-ethnicity when, on 3 February 1998, representatives of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia), the Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina (Federation), Sarajevo Canton and the international community adopted the Sarajevo Declaration.

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