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Sierra Leone's Truth and Reconciliation Commission: A Fresh Start?,  Africa Briefing N°12   |  20 Dec 2002

Since January 2002 when President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah officially declared Sierra Leone's brutal eleven year civil war over, numerous efforts have been made to consolidate the peace. The 14 May election in which the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel group participated and was politically defeated, was, even if flawed, a significant step forward.

Colombia: Will Uribe's Honeymoon Last?,  Latin America Briefing N°3   |  19 Dec 2002

The first hundred days have come and gone, and Colombians continue to hold high hopes that President Álvaro Uribe will lead the country out of its entrenched crisis by strengthening security and resolving the decades-long civil war.


Power and Wealth Sharing: Make or Break Time in Sudan’s Peace Process,  Africa Report N°55   |  18 Dec 2002

The latest phase of the negotiations in Machakos, Kenya closed on 18 November 2002 with the signing of an important new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on power sharing and an extension of the earlier MOU on cessation of hostilities and unimpeded aid access.

The Continuing Challenge of Refugee Return in Bosnia & Herzegovina,  Europe Report N°137   |  13 Dec 2002

In preparing for and orchestrating the proximity talks that marked the end of the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH), the authors of the Dayton Peace Accords (DPA) placed a particularly high priority on the return of refugees and internally displaced persons to their pre-war homes.


A Half-Hearted Welcome: Refugee Return to Croatia,  Europe Report N°138   |  13 Dec 2002

Seven years after the end of the war, the issue of refugee return continues to be contentious for Croatia.


Return to Uncertainty: Kosovo's Internally Displaced and The Return Process,  Europe Report N°139   |  13 Dec 2002

The right of internally displaced people (IDPs) and refugees to return to their homes in Kosovo is indisputable, and has become a top priority of the international community, and the United Nations Interim Administrative Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).

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Indonesia Backgrounder: How the Jemaah Islamiyah Terrorist Network Operates,  Asia Report N°43   |  11 Dec 2002

As the Indonesian-led investigation proceeds, the Bali attack on 12 October 2002 looks more and more like the work of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI). But what exactly is Jemaah Islamiyah and how does it operate?

Central Asia: The Politics of Police Reform,  Asia Report N°42   |  10 Dec 2002

The capacity of security forces to both prevent and provoke conflict is increasingly recognised. Police forces can play a vital role in providing the security environment necessary for peaceful political and economic development, and are at the forefront of tackling international security issues, including drugs trafficking, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and terrorism.


Salvaging Somalia’s Chance for Peace,  Africa Briefing N°11   |  9 Dec 2002

On 27 October 2002, Somali political leaders gathered in the Kenyan town of Eldoret signed a new declaration that envisages an end to the protracted crisis in their country.

Voices from the Iraqi Street,  Middle East Briefing N°3   |  4 Dec 2002

As this briefing paper went to press, all eyes were on the United States and United Nations, the weapons inspectors, war preparations and the Iraqi regime's posture toward them. Yet, as has been true throughout this crisis, the unknown variable in the equation is the view of the Iraqi population.

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