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Rule of Law in Public Administration: Confusion and Discrimination in a Post-Communist Bureaucracy,  Europe Report N°84   |  15 Dec 1999

To date, little attention has been paid to the role public administration plays in enforcing or violating the human rights and civil liberties of Bosnia and Herzegovina's citizens.

Starting from Scratch in Kosovo: The Honeymoon Is Over,  Europe Report N°83   |  10 Dec 1999

After an unprecedented, multilateral military intervention in Kosovo succeeded in expelling Serb forces and enabling the return home of more than a million displaced persons, the international community embarked on the ambitious, long-term project of securing, rebuilding, and establishing the rule of law in Kosovo, while setting the territory on the path to self-governance.

Burundian Refugees in Tanzania: The Key Factor to the Burundi Peace Process,  Africa Report N°12   |  30 Nov 1999

There has been a considerable Burundian refugee population, almost entirely Hutu, in countries neighbouring Burundi, and especially Tanzania, since the 1972 mass slaughter of Hutus when 300,000 are reported to have fled.

Trepca: Making Sense of the Labyrinth,  Europe Report N°82   |  26 Nov 1999

The enterprise known as Trepca is a sprawling conglomerate of some 40 mines and factories, located mostly in Kosovo but also in other locations in Serbia and Montenegro.

Violence in Kosovo: Who's Killing Whom?,  Europe Report N°78   |  2 Nov 1999

The agreement signed on 20 September between the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and KFOR commanders transformed the KLA into a 5,000-strong, nominally multiethnic civilian force - the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC).

Is Dayton Failing?: Bosnia Four Years After the Peace Agreement,  Europe Report N°80   |  28 Oct 1999

In anticipation of the fourth anniversary on 21 November 1999 of the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords, this report presents a detailed analysis of the agreement and the future of the Bosnian peace process.

Waiting For UNMIK: Local Administration in Kosovo,  Europe Report N°79   |  18 Oct 1999

More than four months have passed since the start of the deployment of the United Nations in Kosovo.

ICG Indonesia: Indonesia’s Shaky Transition,  Asia Report N°5   |  10 Oct 1999

The past two years has been a highly turbulent period for Indonesia.

Who's Who in Kosovo,  Europe Report N°76   |  31 Aug 1999

This paper offers a brief guide to the leading indigenous organisations and personalities in Kosovo/Kosova.

Democratic Republic of Congo: An Analysis of the Agreement and Prospects for Peace,  Africa Report N°5   |  20 Aug 1999

After a year of failed attempts by Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Organisation for African Unity (OAU), South Africa and other regional powerbrokers, the six countries involved in Africa’s seven-nation war in the Democratic Republic of Congo signed the Agreement for a Cease-fire in the DRC in Lusaka on 10 July 1999.

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