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Liberia: Time for Much-Delayed Reconciliation and Reform

Africa Briefing N°88, 12 June 2012

Liberian President Johnson-Sirleaf and Liberian Vice President Boakai attend Sirleaf's second presidential inauguration at the Capitol in Monrovia

Unemployment, corruption, nepotism and impunity threaten to entrench social and political divisions and jeopardise Liberia’s democracy unless the government addresses persisting historical enmities.

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Liberia: Time for Much-Delayed Reconciliation and Reform, Africa Briefing N°88, 12 Jun 2012

Unemployment, corruption, nepotism and impunity threaten to entrench social and political divisions and jeopardise Liberia’s democracy unless the government addresses persisting historical enmities.

Liberia: How Sustainable Is the Recovery?, Africa Report N°177, 19 Aug 2011

Liberia’s October 2011 presidential elections are an opportunity to consolidate its fragile peace and nascent democracy.

Liberia: Uneven Progress in Security Sector Reform, Africa Report N°148, 13 Jan 2009

Since independence and for fourteen years of war, Liberia’s army, police and other security agencies have mostly been sources of insecurity and misery for a destitute people. The internationally driven attempt to radically reform the security sector since the war’s end in 2003 is a major chance to put this right and prevent new destabilisation.

Liberia: Resurrecting the Justice System, Africa Report N°107, 6 Apr 2006

Reform of the justice system needs to be a top priority for Liberia’s new government and donors alike. After fourteen years of civil war, the system is in shambles.

Liberia: Staying Focused, Africa Briefing N°36, 13 Jan 2006

2006 is a decisive year for Liberia and with it West Africa. Just as Liberia once dragged its neighbours into a horrific war, it could now – with good policy and strong donor support – become an anchor for stability in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire.

Liberia’s Elections: Necessary but Not Sufficient, Africa Report N°98, 7 Sep 2005

Everything indicates that Liberia’s October 2005 presidential and legislative elections are likely to be transparent and fair. Many hope this will permit an exit strategy to be implemented that could see international actors leaving the country as soon as the end of 2006.

Liberia and Sierra Leone: Rebuilding Failed States, Africa Report N°87, 8 Dec 2004

The interventions in Liberia and Sierra Leone are failing to produce states that will be stable and capable of exercising the full range of sovereign responsibilities on behalf of their long-suffering populations.

Rebuilding Liberia: Prospects and Perils, Africa Report N°75, 30 Jan 2004

Liberia is a collapsed state that has become in effect a UN protectorate. Whether its political and economic reconstruction can begin depends on how quickly security spreads throughout the country.

Liberia: Security Challenges, Africa Report N°71, 3 Nov 2003

Whether Liberia takes advantage of its best chance for peace in years and West Africa regains stability depends on bold action by the UN, which needs to shape a comprehensive regional security strategy while rapidly building its peacekeeping force up to strength.

Tackling Liberia: The Eye of the Regional Storm, Africa Report N°62, 30 Apr 2003

There is a critical need for further international action to end the civil war in Liberia – and to halt the spread of chaos beyond its borders that has both inflamed the Côte d'Ivoire crisis and threatens wider military conflict and humanitarian disaster in much of West Africa.

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